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    I am contemplating moving to Groundhogg from ActiveCampaign and Pipedrive.

    ActiveCampaign has a great feature where I have it connected to my Gsuite email account, and it records all emails that I send individually within the email tab of Active Campaign.

    Pipedrive allows me to bcc a deal email (e.g. accountname+dealname@pipedrive.com) and then that email is logged.

    Is anything like this available in Groundhogg? If not, please consider, as these are two of my most used and valued features.

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    These features are currently not available. You can request them as additions here >> Suggest New Features

    Thanks, I have added this to your Trello board of suggested new features:

    Sync emails with gmail. Would like Groundhogg database to automatically store contents of emails that I send from my gmail interface to a Groundhogg contact. Active Campaign offers this through a third party, here is their language from the Settings: “Please note that connecting your email account involves connecting your email to an independent 3rd party, Nylas, Inc., and any content (such as the contents of your email) you send to them will be subject to Nylas’ Privacy Policy and data practices. This is a strictly optional feature and not required in order to use our Services or platform.”

    As a less automated way of implementing this, Pipedrive assigns each “deal” an email address (e.g. accountname+deal-identifier@pipedrive.com), and users can bcc the deal when emailing a contact (I would also like the option to bcc a contact, not just a deal). Thank you for considering.

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