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    Dear Groundhogg, I am new to WordPress. I see it as my future self-hosted publishing and ecommerce platform (currently I use Rainmaker, which is sort of like in terms of providing a hosted, maintained WordPress stack)

    I currently use Active Campaign. I like the functionality but don’t love my dependence on a third party, and paying $73 a month.

    Groundhogg seems amazing. I now face the question of whether to migrate over to it from AC. I have a few questions/concerns. First, I see there are only 100 or so installations. This makes me concerned that not enough people will adopt it, and then it will stop being updated, and eventually will fall out of step with WordPress and not be useable. Can you please comment on this?

    Second, if this did ever occur, would a WordPress developer (that I could for example hire on Upwork) be able to figure out from your open source documentation etc how to migrate me off of Groundhogg and on to something else?

    Third, if there are not so many installations, how are you supporting yourself and your team economically? Is this a side hustle?


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  • To my knowledge, there are not many installs as this is a very fresh plugin. At this stage there will be some growing pains as they build out to code to integrate with third parties apps. They are working on a 2.0 to aid third party developers as well which means more integrations, faster!

    The core (which I have tested extensively myself) Is built very well and offers immense value! This plugin has what it takes to be what woo commerce did for e-commerace on wordpress. The core dev teams seam to be supported via extensions which are in good order to scale the software. So you have nothing to worry about in terms of them disappearing any time soon!

    I changed over from mailchimp and could not be more happy!

    Hope that helps, Paul

    Plugin Author Adrian Tobey


    Hi Jay, Adrian here! I’m the CEO of Groundhogg.

    Our team is all in on Groundhogg now and for the distant future! This is no side hustle, we are a full-time operation. We are currently investing significant amounts of time into updating our entire code base to “future proof” Groundhogg for years to come!

    I won’t get into the weeds about how we fund this project, but I will say that our revenue streams are more than sufficient to ensure that digital marketing becomes as democratized as e-commerce in the WordPress space.

    I’m sure any developer, including junior ones, would be able to migrate from any CRM to Groundhog or vice versa.

    If you have any more questions feel free to start a live chat with us on our website!

    – Adrian

    Thanks Adrian! I appreciate your response, it’s very reassuring. I’ve installed groundhogg on my dev site and will begin testing it in earnest over the next few weeks. Meanwhile I also forwarded your investor materials/site to an early stage venture capitalist because I do think you are the first mover in what will be a very exciting market as you extend WordPress capabilities further in the direction of ecommerce. See you down the road!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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