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  • I’m sorry to be so ignorant about WordPress. I’ve had this site for several years. I have no idea how I set it up and I have rarely even looked at it. Well, I finally got a publisher for my book, so I wanted to update the site and I see the 2014 Theme has changed with the top menu at the very top, 3 stories under that with black descriptions under them, and then the content of the page. I really like the new design and I thought if I updated my theme, it would magically change. It didn’t… I’ve watched dozens of tutorials, but none address how to move this top menu to the very top like the new update. When I try to update the menu, it only is allowing me to change the actual menu and not the location. Can anyone help a clueless user?

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    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • I see the 2014 Theme has changed with the top menu at the very top, 3 stories under that with black descriptions under them, and then the content of the page. I really like the new design…

    The theme hasn’t really changed that much. Default themes hardly change!

    I installed the very first release (1.0) of this theme released nearly 10 years ago, and the “new” features you describe are available in this first version.

    You simply may not have explored all the options available in the theme back then when you set up your site 😀

    So updating the theme simply kept your old configuration.

    The PRIMARY (horizontal) menu is at where it’s always been: if you have no header image, the menu stays at the very top. If you upload a header image, the menu gets pushed down below the header image. (If you look at the theme’s thumbnail in the dashboard, you’ll see it has no header image. That’s why the menu is way up!)

    The FEATURED posts section below the menu has also been there from day one. But you need to tell WordPress which of your posts to feature, which you apparently haven’t.

    You do this by adding the tag featured to only the posts you want to be featured.

    You can feature up to 6 posts (grid of 2 rows of 3 posts per row), and you can change the specific tag featured to anything you want in APPEARANCE => CUSTOMIZE => FEATURED CONTENT => TAG NAME. And, instead of the grid, you can turn this into a slider!

    Note that it’s possible to have the header image, but still MOVE the menu to the very top. But that will require a line or two of custom CSS code.

    I can give you this custom CSS code to copy and paste.

    But, though I’m no designer, I’m thinking using the header image AND the featured posts together will make your site’s header too cluttered.

    If you agree with me (and want to use the featured posts), you simply have to remove your header image to have the menu at the very top!

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    Hi George,

    Thank you so much for replying. Yes, you are right. I was under appearance, pages.

    here is the link from that snipboard app you gave me.

    The button doesn’t do anything. I got it to work before, but I don’t know how… 🙁

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    I was thinking I would put some reviews at the top, not photos. You’re right though, it might be too cluttered, but I don’t like that map at the top.

    Here’s my site.

    Someone in my writer’s club convinced me I needed this site years ago, so I got it and have been paying for it, but it really had no traffic and I didn’t have a book to sell, so I just left it there.

    Now, I was lucky enough to land a publishing contract, so it has to be professional looking and I need to get it up to snuff.

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