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    Hi, I’ve recently installed the 2014 theme and while I like it I find that my posts occupy a small area of the page with two massive white borders of dead space each side. I am particularly interested in maximising image size within posts. I’ve looked at the image attributes and they are at the maximum default upload size of 700 px. Is there a way of utilising all the space and even the space occupied by the right hand sidebar which I don’t require? I’m a photographer and showcasing my images in the largest sizes possible is paramount. I see there is a full page template option offered within the theme but don’t understand how to activate it, all this HTML stuff is Greek to me

    I’ve spent a while searching for answers on the interweb with no success.

    Many thanks

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  • Hello Simon,
    on the page you want to have full width, go edit, then over to the right it says page template and it will be default. choose ‘Full Width Template’.
    BTW, link to your site would help

    Wireplus, thanks v much, mmm.. that applies to Pages not Posts by the look of it. Should I just redo all my posts as Pages to achieve what I’m after? But there seem to be differences between the two that might make that not a good idea.

    My site


    In fact I’d like to make all images added in my posts to be able to be the full width – like the ‘featured’ images

    so, set the full width template on your posts page, and all posts will be full width. Does this make sense? Your posts go on a particular page. set that page as full width.

    Great, how to do that?


    Sorry to be dim, is that a menu sequence (can’t seem to locate it as such) or a command to be entered somewhere?

    Rather baffled, woo commerce seems to be a plugin for e-commerce, how will that help?

    Whoops! sorry, wrong thread! I was also helping someone with woo! Duh, me!

    OK, go to dashboard, then pages.
    Select the page that your posts go on, and click edit.
    Over on the right hand side, there’s a box where you select the template.

    Thanks I though that must have been a mis-post!
    Umm.. what do you mean the page that my posts go on? My posts are under the posts page and not on the Pages page

    OK, so we’re off into PHP and HTML land….

    you need to use conditional tags in your php files.

    I’m going offline now, but if you’re no further ahead tomorrow, I’ll have another look. 🙂

    Many thanks, i’ve found a plugin called Fourteen Extended which kinda does what I want
    so will see how that goes

    Thanks again

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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