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2010 Weaver Header problems

  • Hi,
    I’m running 2010 Weaver 1.5 Beta2 on WP3.0.2 (as of now, the most up to date) and dynamic headers plugin.

    My web site is http://lodgecol.com/

    I’m having some header ‘fun’ with the following issues and would greatly appreciate any input:
    1) I would like the menu below the header which I think involves moving both. Any ideas on how to do this?
    2) I am planning on using dynamic headers so I have a different one on each page. To do this, I have disabled the standard header. However, although the picture file is disabled, the space for it is still there (effectively I now have 2 headers and one is transparent).
    3) Above the header is the website name (site title) and tagline. These take up space which I would rather move the header into. I know they have some other purpose (ie are uses in search engines). How can I delete them, but keep them searchable…?

    Thanks in advance


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  • 3) Above the header is the website name (site title) and tagline. These take up space which I would rather move the header into. I know they have some other purpose (ie are uses in search engines). How can I delete them, but keep them searchable…?

    In your http://lodgecol.com/wp-content/uploads/weaver-subthemes/style-weaver.css

    Look for this codes

    #site-title {
    #site-description {

    on each

    as for moving or menu need to see your header.php code
    all you need to do is move the navigation div after header div should work.

    Sorry, but govpatel gave two pieces of bad advice. First, it is ALWAYS a bad idea to mess with any style.css, and especially style-weaver.css. If you look at that file, you’ll see that it warns that the file is generated dynamically. Any time you use the Weave admin panel, that file will be refreshed. So don’t edit it!

    And you really can’t edit the header.php code to move the menus because there is some complex logic that makes that really difficult. And, again, as soon as you update the Weaver theme, your changes will be lost.

    You have to set the header height 0 to get rid of the default header.
    If you check hide the header and description, the top space will be gone. And it looks like you already have the menu at the bottom. If you need more customizatoin, use the new HTML boxes on Advanced Options.

    @wpweaver I am sorry as I have not looked weaver theme looks like I need install it and study how the theme is designed

    Thanks for your responses.

    I am an newby to WP, but had understood that messing with style.CSS is a bad plan. It takes me time to action, learn and play, so I apologise for the lack of previous feedback.

    I am getting there… but any feedback on item 3) ???


    Olly http://lodgecol.com/

    Why I cannot place a photograph in the header of my website


    Hi Wim,

    If your question is why cant you add a photo to an existing header, you need to add the photo to your header and create a single file outside of WP (in a program like photoshop or illustrator) and then upload this as a single file into WP as a custom file . I don’t think you can easily add 2 header pictures into 1 header.

    If you look at my site http://lodgecol.com/ the header is made up of 3 photos (done in photo shop) and then imported into WP as one file.

    If like me you would like a different header on each page, I would recommend a plug in which I am using: http://nicasiodesign.com/blog/wordpress-plugins/our-first-public-wordpress-plugin-dynamic-headers/

    I hope this answers your question.


    Many thanks Olly. I don’t want to add a photo in an existing header, I want for the first time add a photo in an empty header (actually only white letters, generated by the theme Weaver).

    Then go here http://lodgecol.com/wp-admin/themes.php?page=custom-header (inserting your web address instead of mine) and then choose upload image. Select your photo…
    This theme is trying to paste the photo across the width of the page. You can change the height of it too if you want. If you just wanted your photo in a regular photo shape (rather than the elongated one to fit the page) I think you would need to make a file that contains your photo and the rest of it being blank to fill the space anyway. Upload this modified file (ie wide and not very tall) Otherwise it will stretch your photo to the page width…. Hope that makes sense.
    Im no expert, but if I can help, I will.
    Good luck.

    To anyone viewing this topic, please note that the most recent posts don’t have anything to do with the Weaver theme, but are general questions about headers.

    It was very easy to add photos in the header working with http://www.domainename.wordpress.com but now, with my own domain, I’m note able to do this (I am Dutch, working with WP3.1 French version)

    @wim Bavelaar –

    Your post is off topic, and has nothing to do with the 2010 Weaver or Weaver theme.

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