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  1. Zhou
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Hey guys, I guess 2010 Weaver is part of a twentyten theme? It is nice but the header is giving me a big problem. I don't understand why I can't just upload the image instead of adjusting the size. When I finally got the right size, the image is blur. Is there a way for me to bypass the uploading part and embed an image from imageshack?

    Here is the header image I want to use, hosted by imageshack:

    Here is my site with the blur header, uploaded from computer by 2010 Weaver theme.

  2. wpweaver
    Posted 5 years ago #

    2010 Weaver is based on Twenty Ten, and shares some attributes.

    Part of the design of Twenty Ten, and indeed, WordPress 3.0, is the way new header images are handled. You MUST upload an image that corresponds to the size of the header image - 940x198 by default.

    2010 Weaver allows you to change both theme width and height, which you should do before uploading a new header image.

    Otherwise, if you provide an image that is smaller than 940x198, which your imageshack image is, then the image will be upsized from the original to 940x198, which is why it is fuzzy.

    A photo editor will usually do a better job of upsizing, but you really should start with an image greater than or equal to 940x198 and downsize it to fit.

    If you want the best looking image, then you have to work with the rules.

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