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  • bighoneydog


    Please help!
    (*apologies for the long post but I wanted to give all possible relevant info)

    I am using the 2010 Weaver theme for my blog ( – for over a year now with no problems. But recently, there are 2 issues:

    I have started getting reports from several readers saying that they cannot load the blog using IE – it either freezes or keeps giving them an error message about “script”.
    The problem only seems to be with IE as some said that the blog loaded fine when they tried using Firefox or Chrome (or Safari).

    I can load the blog myself using IE (I’m using IE 9) – but it often comes with a message asking me whether to only view “secure content” – as far as I can see, there is no difference in how the page displays whether I click Yes or No. This only started recently and I think it coincided with me upgrading to IE9 but I can’t be sure.

    2) When I go to the ‘2010 Weaver’ admin page, under “Appearance” – the page keeps jumping and loading the Homepage instead. It will load for a second – and then immediately jump to the Homepage. This happens in both IE and Firefox. I can get it to “stop reloading to the homepage” by clicking on the “X” in the browser window (ie, the Stop icon) but then this means the page only “half-loads” (and you have to be really quick to get in before it jumps to the Homepage!). For example, in the “Main Options” tab, where you can normally change the colours of the background, blog title, etc, the colours & preview don’t show up.

    Why is it doing this?? There seems to be something that’s telling the 2010 Weaver options page to keep jumping to the Homepage every time. But the URL is not the normal Homepage address – it is “” – so it seems to be telling that page to reload to a Preview??

    Again, this seems to be a recent thing – I changed the colour scheme of the blog back in June, using this 2010 Weaver options page and had no trouble back then – but when I tried to change the colour scheme last week, that’s when I noticed this constant jumping/reloading.

    – I understand that it is often plugins which cause problems but I have not added any new plugins recently and everything was working fine with my current list of installed plugins until recently.
    The plugins I have installed are:
    – Akismet
    – Conditional CAPTCH for WordPress
    – Dynamic Widgets
    – Embedded Video
    – Facebook Share
    – Google Analytics for WordPress
    – Google Maps embed
    – Google Translator
    – Hotlink Protection
    – Image Widget
    – No More Frames
    – rsh-Tweet
    – Smart YouTube
    – Subscribe to Comments reloaded
    – Subscription Options
    – Vimeo HTML5 shortcode
    – Stats
    – WordPress Automatic Upgrade
    – WordPress Hashcash
    – WP-Copyright-Protection
    – WP Super Cache

    The most recent plugins I added were the “Hotlink Protection” and the “WP-Copyright-Protection”. I also followed instructions from Google to add a robot.txt file to my root folder, to stop Google Images indexing the pictures on my blog. I did all this because I had discovered recently that several of the photos from my blog were being “stolen” or hotlinked and used without my permission (eg. for commercial purposes).
    Could any of these recent protective measures be causing the problems?

    I don’t really know anything about CSS or HTML coding, other than the very basic stuff. I would be really grateful for any help you can give –

    Thank you in advance –

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