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  • Just a couple of questions:
    1. Are there plans to include a feature for “sticky” posts?
    2. Are there plans to include Markdown? IMHO this would make posting easier. Or at least SmartyPants ala MT for that matter.
    3. What on earth is a post slug? Is it an animal or some sort? (*smacks forehead for lame humor*)
    4. How do you add/delete custom data?
    5. How do you have multiple WP motors per blog? Can each motor be restricted to a certain catagory? How does this fit in with the “posts -paged” setting?
    Thanks in advance.

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  • Post slug (this isn’t a new feature) is the text that will be used for creating permalinks… Usually it’s just a cleaned up version of the title of the entry (spaces replaced with -, invalid chars for URLs removed, etc) but you can customize it to whatever you want. Not sure about the rest of your questions 🙂

    1. Not really.
    2. Smarty pants isn’t needed because Texturize handles all that and more. Markdown is written in perl, so it would need to be rewritten in PHP, something I’m much less inclined to do since it’s gotten so bloated. Have you looked at textile?
    4. Not done yet.
    5. Yes, not documented yet. You can look at the get_posts() function. It is independent of posts paged.

    post-slug is the best thing to come to WP since multi-cat.
    meta-post will take the next honor for a biggie… 🙂

    Can we use Textile with WP? I was using that in MT, so some of my posts are formatted for Textile. It would be great to be able to use this and not have to go back through my posts fixing links.

    afaik textile is in built in WP

    My entries that are Textile formatted are not being converted. I don’t think it has been implemented yet.

    Textile has been implemented since at least .72.
    In 1.0.2, you need to go into wp-includes/vars.php, scroll down near the bottom of the file, and uncomment
    // include_once('textile.php');
    // add_filter('the_content', 'textile');

    I have the same problem with Textile posts. I’m coming from using MT, and I’ve grabbed the latest source from CVS, and I’ve got the weblog up and running, but I can’t seem to get textile formatting to work.
    On the Plugins admin page, I’ve activated Textile 2, but that didn’t seem to do what was needed. The textile formatting didn’t take. I tried the suggestions Cena suggested above:
    In 1.0.2, you need to go into wp-includes/vars.php, scroll down near the bottom of the file, and uncomment
    // include_once(‘textile.php’);
    // add_filter(‘the_content’, ‘textile’);

    But variations of trying to get this work, throws php error messages.
    Any help on getting textile formatting working with the 1.2 alpha?
    Many thanks!

    With 1.2 you don’t need to do Cena’s thing, just activate the plugin. What exactly isn’t working? Can you link us to an example?

    Sure. Like I said, I activated textile 2 on the plugins page.
    The post that didn’t get formatted is here.
    The text entered in the entry form is:
    Does "textile": work?
    When I save the entry, what shows up in the entry box is then this:
    Does “textile": work?

    minus the extra encoding of the ampersand.

    This is fixed now.

    Awesome, and thanks! I’m guessing the changes will make it into the next nightly update?

    They’re in today’s “nightly.”

    Thanks! Works great now.

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