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  • 2.0 update went smooth, but I have to say that the Write Post page is now a bit klunky.

    In the old write post page, you had Title, then Excerpt, then the post field. In 2.0, the Excerpt is pushed down below the File upload box. This disrupts the natural flow of writing; the Excerpt *should* be above the post box. I have no use for the file upload box, and yet I can’t delete it, nor drag the excerpt box up above the post box.

    The sidebar elements are customizable for order and hiding, why not all the main view elements as well?

    Also, WP seems to be suffering from the trend towards needlessly large fonts. Comparing the Admin screen from 1.5 to 2.0, Functional elements have been pushed down the page an inordinate amount, and thus I have LESS options in a given screen to control now, and have to scroll more.

    If nothing else, please allow a user to hide the file upload box, and the option to move the excerpt field up below the Title field where it rightly belongs.

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  • Agreed on the file upload versus excerpt deal. People who use RSS (and who doesn’t?) should be making good use of the excerpt. Puting it so far down is kind of like making it an afterthought.

    The file upload should be a button anyway or a quick tag.

    – trip

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