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  • Previous to 2.0, I could publish posts with a future date in a new category. Because there were no “current” dated posts, the category would not show up until the first future post was actually published.

    Now in 2.0, a new category containing only future posts shows up in the category list. Clicking on it, of course, yields “no results”, but it confuses users who see this is as some sort of error.

    Has this been identified and submitted for a future fix? Or is there some kind of workaround special to 2.0? Thanks!

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  • OK, I’m at that point again. I’m enterings posts for a new category, all of them published with future dates so as to not show up until next week. But, of course, the new category shows up in the sidebar. If I click it I get no results, so it appears to be some kind of error. In WP versions previous to 2.0 this never occurred. I could future-post to a new category and the category stayed hidden until the first post was published on that future date.

    Is there a workaround? (Other than NOT future-posting to a new category, of course.)


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