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[Resolved] 2.0 – emails from wrong address

  • I just updated to WP 2.0. The problem I’m having is that my blog is now sending messages via an incorrect email address.

    Previous behavior: A comment would arrive from the sender’s email address. A comment to be moderated would arrive from my gmail address, specified in Options.

    Current behavior: A comment arrives from “wordpress@[mydomain].com.” A comment to be moderated arrives from “wordpress@[mydomain].com.” I have not set up a “wordpress@mydomain.com” address.

    I’ve checked my user settings, and the email address is properly set to the gmail address. Is the new behavior a change in 2.0? How can I change this back to the old method?


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  • Anyone have any ideas, please?
    Thanks in advance.

    I’m having the same problem….
    Any ideas?

    I found the fix here:


    But I’m not sure where to insert the code.

    Does it go in wp_mail.php or wp_register.php and if so, where exactly does it go?

    I’m a total newb…


    yeah, that really is annoying… i only get that when there is a comment to be moderated…the other way works fine…


    You edit pluggable-functions.php line 119.

    Thanks to #wordpress on IRC!

    I tried this, and it didn’t work.

    Specifically, the “please moderate comment” message comes from the correct Admin email address. The moderated comment still comes from “wordpress@server.com” instead of the commenter’s email address.

    Quite frustrating for a blogger who responds to comments…

    I’m assuming there must be one more function to edit, but I don’t know enough about WP to even guess as to which one it would be. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    The earlier solution only corrects the sender address in a registration email.

    If you hit reply to a comment notification the reply address is actually the poster’s address.
    To show the poster’s address in the ‘From’ field of the notification email:

    1. Open pluggable-functions.php
    2. Change <$wp_admin> in line 290 to: <$comment->comment_author_email>


    <Geeky Excitement! I’m starting to get PHP! (I’m 90 Pages in to PHP5 and MySQL Bible.)>

    Awesome! Thank you so much for the help… but I’m still confused. Here’s the code, with lines above and below 290…

    $wp_email = 'wordpress@' . preg_replace('#^www.#', '', strtolower($_SERVER['SERVER_NAME']));

    if ( '' == $comment->comment_author ) {
    [line 290] $from = "From: "$blogname" <$wp_email>";
    if ( '' != $comment->comment_author_email )
    $reply_to = "Reply-To: $comment->comment_author_email";
    } else {
    $from = "From: "$comment->comment_author" <$wp_email>";
    if ( '' != $comment->comment_author_email )
    $reply_to = "Reply-To: "$comment->comment_author_email" <$comment->comment_author_email>";

    Am I missing something? I don’t see $wp_admin… Help! 🙂



    Thank you SOOOOOOOOOO much for your help!! This board is very lucky to have someone as knowledgeable and gracious as you helping out.

    Thanks again for your attention! 🙂

    hello, i’m using wordpress 2.02 and made the change of <$wp_email>
    <$comment->comment_author_email> in my pluggable-functions.php file but my comments are still coming back from the server default.

    Please advise, thanks


Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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