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  • I spent a short while tonight updating my personal (live) site to WP 2.0 beta 2

    Here is my order of operations:

    1. turned off all plugins
    2. deleted the old files (not wp-content folder, or wp-config)
    3. loaded the files from the 2.0b2 archive
    4. ran the upgrade.php
    5. did a happy dance

    The upgrade went perfectly, and all of my plugins are functional

    Here’s a list of the plugins which seem to be working:
    • Dunstan’s time of day
    • Extended Live Archives
    • Bad Behavior
    • BBCode
    • Brian’s Latest Comments
    • Bunny’s Technorati Tags
    • Code Viewer
    • Custom Posts Per Page
    • Flash Filter Plus
    • Get Recent Comments
    • Gravatar
    • Kitten’s Spaminator
    • Referrer Bouncer
    • Recent Posts
    • Recently Commented Posts
    • Content with show/hide javascript for “more”
    • Stattraq
    • Subscribe To Comments
    • Super Archive
    • Theme Switcher
    • Weighted List
    • WP-Contact Form
    • Linknotes
    • Live Preview: Admin Panel, Comments

    My thoughts:

    Cool stuff:
    Hats off for the new additions and the refinement on the back end. Very nice. Thank you.

    Bummers are:
    the upload path is now meaningless. The new scheme for loading images is a great idea, but i want a choice of where they reside, and how they are filed. iTunes and iPhoto archives are arcane enough, this is equally as frustrating for physical digging. hate it.

    Still no quick tags for Safari (I’ll write Steve and explain)

    The new logo is poor and ungainly.

    When editing an entry, the markup tags appear. This makes spell checking harder (after the fact) and will surely confuse my little sister, and other friends who have no clue about markup language and don’t want to know.


    A couple of wee steps backward, and the loss of only one function which is essential to my personal process.

    But on the whole a seamless and easy upgrade I was afraid was going to be a disaster.

    Thank You!

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  • Hey, dss, what’s up with the link for your forum name?

    just reformat it, and it’ll take you there.

    doesn’t go to the page it was before, but not loading a site either.

    A bit like the bank robber who wrote the stick up note on the back of his bank statement.

    Though it doesn’t surprise me, Beel, I’m not quite sure what you mean? I didn’t hope to “get away with anything.” Just changed my link here after noticing that each time i posted i got a new wave of comment spam, not wanting to be totally obscure, i left evidence of where to find me in case it was desired. Nothing dark, or dodgy in that is there?

    No, just not a good disquise since there are numerous links to your site throughout the forum.


    all fixed up and ‘out of hiding’


    nice stuff dss 🙂 I’ve setup a test install of 2.0b2, i’m definately going to upgrade when its final 🙂

    I do love the design. Very simple and … nice. 🙂

    To the original poster of this thread, I would like to say THANK YOU for posting such easy instructions on how to upgrade to 2.0 Beta. Following your instructions was very easy and made my upgrade painless. Great work!

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Direction were posted to move to a TESTING ENVIRONMENT

    The new code still has bugs.

    Your blog. Your risk.

    Yes…. maybe need another post somewhere about THIS IS BETA SOFTWARE; USE AT OWN PERIL; and we don’t actually “support” it since it’s not release quality yet?

    Yes, Podz is Right!

    I am posting feedback here. Notice that I have elected to take a risk and update my live site to a beta version of WordPress.

    I am experienced with php, monitor my logs, and regualrly backup my entire site. It is my irrational tradition to update live sites with scripts such as WordPress well before it is pronounced safe to do so.

    So if you are drooling over beta software, I would advise you to consider the potential impacts of updating your live blog before encouraging you to do so.

    It’s still WordPress. There’s no secret love in the new beta. You will not win the lottery by updating prematurely, and possibly you may find your blog is destroyed. Take your time, and be sure it’s what you want to do.

    Finally, be aware that all of my actual journals and client’s journals are still happily humming along on WP 1.5.2 Strayhorn. I only choose to risk the integrity of my private, design and code based site because it is the nature of what I do, and to demonstrate both the joy and the pain of my own mistakes.

    /* end thoughtful and overly long explanation */

    : )


    Yes.... maybe need another post somewhere about THIS IS BETA SOFTWARE; USE AT OWN PERIL; and we don't actually "support" it since it's not release quality yet?

    Isn’t it the point of this forum to discuss issues with the beta?

    I agree there should be warnings posted about the dangers of using the beta but just state that any issues should be discussed in this forum until 2.0 is released, don’t add anything about it not being supported as stable WordPress itself isn’t even supported.

    I’m not sure I get you, jaseone. We ALL support stable WP….

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