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    I’ve been working with it on a new site build and testing extensively on computer, 1st generation iPad, and iPhone 4S. For the most part, everything works perfectly, but I’ve found 2 mysterious bugs:

    On 1st gen iPad, when I switch from vertical to horizontal position, site is wider than screen and needs to be “pinched” with finger swipe to fit properly (otherwise right side goes off the screen). I tested this on my wife’s 2nd gen iPad, and it works fine, the only problem is with my 1st gen iPad. This problem does not occur on my iPhone.

    But the bug on my iPhone is this: I have 2 portfolio-style pages with thumbnails that can be clicked or tapped to see the larger image. While viewing the thumbnails on my iPhone4s, on occasion, any one of the thumbnails might disappear. And it disappears while viewing … meaning that when the page loads, all thumbnails are there, and then a couple seconds later, one thumbnail will disappear. This never occurs on the computer or iPad, only on my iPhone4s.

    Any ideas? The site is pretty much finished, but certainly my client will notice disappearing thumbnails … I’m hoping there’s a fix.

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  • The switching to wider text and then back again is something I’ve seen on other sites, but I’ve never seen it on Customizr. On other sites I’ve always imagined that it might be because of them using rems instead of ems for their text sizes.

    The disappearing image problem is a known bug/feature (not sure which). Uncheck the “Enable/disable blocks reordering on small devices” in the Responsive settings in Customizr.

    I just unchecked the “enable/disable blocks” but it’s still happening – the random disappearing thumbnails – on my iPhone. I even went to the iPhone settings and cleared history and cookies, went back to the site, and it’s still happening. Then I tested it on my wife’s iPhone, and it happened on hers too.

    Seeing that other thread that you linked to (thanks for that), I tried switching themes to Twenty Fourteen, and it doesn’t happen anymore. I was hoping to not have to switch themes, since I like Customizr, but I can’t afford to have my client see his images disappear on the iPhone.

    I just noticed that I had Customizr 3.1.10 and that an update was available – updated it to current 3.1.11 and the problem seems to be resolved. I like easy solutions like that!

    3.1.12 available here

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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