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    i have 2 questions about
    1. A plugin that we use is not on How do i get it on here, so that i can enter translations? Is this something i can initiate (and admin it for example), or is this an action that needs to be made on the part of the plugin developer?
    2. Another plugin that we use IS on, but some terms that are on our site are only in the dev branch and not in the stable branch. So even after suggesting translations and after they were approved, the translations do not appear on our site. Who should i contact about this, the plugin devs or the admins of the section for this plugin?
    thanks for the help,

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    1. every plugin that is in plugin directory is elegible to be automatically added to , however, if there are some problems with plugin, i.e. invalid textdomain, plugin will be present at but it will not be possible to translate it until all errors are fixed.

    Plugins that are not in the WordPress plugins directory are not elegible to use
    You can also find some answers here, in the handbook

    2. It depends on readme file
    If stable tag is set to Trunk, then you will have only Dev branch, it is usually does not cause problems, unless stable and dev differ too much

    For approval you shall contact the corresponding locale team

    @rik1234 hi, can you provide the link for me please from the problem plugin

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    wow thanks for the quick answers.
    @psmits1567 , it concerns these addons to GiveWP:
    I’ve understood from someone else that because this concerns premium addons, they are not added to, and they can only be translated locally using Loco Translate. Is that correct?

    @fierevere thanks! Your answer to my 2nd question is not quite clear to me. To be clear: for this plugin ( there is both a stable and a dev branch. It’s just that some terms that are already used in the latest update of the plugin, still seem to exist only in the dev branch and not in the stable branch on So my question is: who do i email about that, the plugin devs or the admins?

    thanks both!!!

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    because this concerns premium addons, they are not added to, and they can only be translated locally using

    They cant be added to GlotPress (
    You can translate them by whatever other means, including Loco translate or POEdit, also you can contact author to include translation with those addons.

    Regarding to

    Dev branch – future version (Trunk)
    Stable branch – current version (specified in Stable tag)
    Stable tag: 2.16.2
    Their strings can differ, i.e. developer has added some new strings and removed some obsolete.
    You can contact plugin author about those changes and other issues related to plugin code.

    Anything related to translation here
    you will have to contact locale team, or Project Translation Editor for this plugin, see the information on sidebar.

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    Hi Rik,

    Commercial addons are not on
    If something is wrong with the translation, you have to contact the author. You could also have a look at the folder where the addon is installed. It will probably have a language folder containing the nl_NL translation.
    You could make a modification to the file to see if it works. But be aware that after an update your modification gets lost

    Hi there

    In terms of the first question, you can always use something in the lines of Loco Translate to create translations. But that will be only for your site. But I can add nothing else to what Yui and Peter said.

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    thank you all, i’m amazed by the speedy and helpful comments here.
    best regards to all,

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