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  • Hi

    Ive looked through many postings here regarding my dilemma, but cannot find a suitable solution.

    I wish to have 2 themes for my WP install, one to respresent our Residential sector and one for the Commercial sector. The design would be very similar to each other, but one would be a different color, i.e Red – Residential, Blue – Commercial.

    I was thinking of having the homepage outside of WP and the two navigation choices would be Residential and Commercial. The user chooses, residential the theme would be Red based and visa versa for Commercial.

    Is there an easy way to acheive this, with something like / ?theme=Blue? Obviously if the visitor is in Residential and wishes to view the Commercial sector, the theme would need to change within WP.

    I was even considering having two installs of WP, each with a separate theme, i.e. and I could use the same database, but would need to install the required plugins to each install.

    Has anyone managed something similar with their sites?

    Any help, assistance and advice would be most welcome.


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  • The homepage outside WP with links or two installs using the same db would both work…could use a homepage with links to each of the installs as well.

    If you do the homepage with links to the same site and two different themes, then you could use the theme switcher plugin and then link to the specific theme you want. For example, I have the theme switcher on my site here:

    If you right-click on any of the links below Change Themes in the sidebar and select properties, then you will see the link to that particular theme…that’ll give you yours link for the homepage.

    If you go with two installs, then using the subdirectories like you pointed out above connecting to the same database would work as well…you may have to set-up a common upload directory, but that shouldn’t be difficult.

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