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    first I have to say with joy -> this is one of the best plugin (to me) for WP. I like it.

    But, as a steady user I have 2 suggestions:

    1. Link, image inserting
    I have some tables with many rows where inserting links or images through insert buttons is really stunt. (write html code even more). Maybe same buttons at top of table template could help, or inserting button panel visible at mouse-over the table cells.. or something similar..

    2. Column sorting
    Cool feature, but useless with numbers or date, time sorting.

    Thanks so much again for this cool WP plugin.
    All the best and have a nice days.

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  • Plugin Author TobiasBg



    thanks for your post and the suggestions! Great to hear that you like the plugin!
    If you want, you can rate TablePress here in the plugin directory. That would be cool.

    1. Yes, this is also bothering me. Unfortunately, I haven’t yet found a good solution to this, that is both easy to implement and easy to use for a user. But I’ll keep investigating 🙂

    2. Can you clarify which sorting you mean here? The one on the “Edit” screen or that on the frontend, when a visitor sees the table? The one on the “Edit” screen is indeed not that flexible as it can not distinguish between different data types.


    Hello again,

    yeah, i did it with short review. 😉

    1. Yeah, ok.
    2. Frontend is more important to me at this time.
    I mean this – example:
    TP sorting I need this
    11-8-2011 11-8-2011
    115-8-2011 12-8-2011
    12-8-2011 115-8-2011
    121-8-2011 121-8-2011

    Problem here is, that I cannot use 011-8-2011 cos its document label and its important to write it correct.

    Date -> this one I fixed, now its correct -> i had incorrect date format

    thank you

    Same problem are prices.. for example sorting of:
    I cannot write 01,6 € or 06,3 $ 😉


    Also having the same problem here with the sorting on the front end but with simple numbers and currencies.

    For example I have records with values of ’87 kg’, ‘700 kg’ and ‘104 kg’.

    When I sort it becomes:
    ’87 kg’
    ‘700 kg’
    ‘104 kg’

    It would be great if the first part before any punctuation or space was checked to see if it was a number and if so sort as if it was a number column.

    Many thanks,


    Plugin Author TobiasBg



    thanks for all of your feedback regarding the sorting and your reviews! I really appreciate it!

    @kalamitt: Well, the problem here is that your document label is a string and not a number. And therefore, the DataTables JS library that TablePress uses for the sorting does not know how to handle that special data format. You would therefore need a custom sorting algorithm for this type of data, as e.g. shown in some examples at
    The prices are a similar issue. By default, DataTables recognizes these as strings again, and as strings are simply sorted differently than numbers, you get the wrong results.
    This is however fixable with an already existing TablePress Extension:

    @da2206: And your’s is also a similar case: Due to the kg (a unit to a number), those are also sorted as strings. You can however also use the Extension from but with formatted-num in the code instead of numeric-comma.


    Great, thank you Tobias.

    Plugin Author TobiasBg



    sure, no problem! 🙂 Great to hear that this helps!


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