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    Hi @traverser11,

    Thanks for your feedback, it’s really important for us!

    1. What were the features that wasn’t included in the free version, that you wanted to have?
    2. Can you please explain what you mean with the “doesn’t work by post id outside the loop”. Because we do have shortcodes, including PHP shortcode that you can use to embed the ratings wherever you wish in your code (including specification of the post ID).

    Hi, i had some spare time,
    (hence adding star ratings)
    and was rating a bunch of plugins so i remember them,
    didn’t mean to be rude,

    was trying to
    [forgot the star rating shortcode post id=<?php get_the_id(); ?>]
    on a custom post type
    and the stars were appearing but rating was appearing across all custom posts the same

    tried YASR to do the same thing and it worked.

    sorry didn’t mean to disrespect just wasn’t what i needed.

    Plugin Author RatingWidget


    No, that’s fine. But it’s better to ask in support forum or contact us for help before you go straight to negative review.

    Here’s the shortcode for the loop:
    <?php rw_the_post_rating() ?>

    If you aren’t running in the loop, you have to specify the post ID, otherwise how can we get it:
    <?php rw_the_post_rating($post_id ?>

    You can read all about our shortcodes here:

    If that was the reason for the negative review, I would very much appreciate if you could change that due to the fact that we do support this 🙂

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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