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  • I have a company site which has 2 divisions. each site needs to be in it’s own folder as one division may be closed down in a year or so.

    so my question is. is it possible to install wordpress and theme in 2 different folders on the same same server like this:

    This way they have thier own database etc. They will both have the same theme installed. pretty much everything is the same except the products are completely different. Is there anything wrong with this.

    right now i have one division ( “cars” installed in a folder and the second division (“boats’) installed on the same folder. but the problem with that boats url ends up being
    The boss hates the fact that the address shows both divisions for the boats division.

    please let me know if it is ok to install wordpress in 2 completely separate folders on the same site.

    thank you

    ps just so you all know i am not a wordpress guru. I have only been using wordpress for 4 months. please try to explain in the most simplest terms. thanks again!

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  • Yes you install as many as you want each folder needs to in root.

    right now i have one division ( “cars” installed in a folder and the second division (“boats’) installed on the same folder. but the problem with that boats url ends up being

    this is because you have boats folder in cars folder they need be in root

    Yes you can have 2 installations of WordPress in separate sub-folders. I have 3 extra installations on my server that I use as dev sites, and a few that are live sites, with other domain names pointed to the subfolders.

    p.s. govpatel is right. You can’t have them inside each other like cars/boats. They have to be in completely separate folders.

    That’s what i wanted to hear. so if you have Network admin enabled. do you just go “ADD NEW SITE” and type in the address and thats it? you can manage all the sites through one admin control panel?

    Hi Govpatel

    Ya i didn’t install it like that . I paid a guy to do it. but didn’t understand why he installed the Boat site in the car directory. he said that the boat directory has to be put in the cars directory because wordpress is installed in that one. but this is why i want to install wordpress in a separate directory so that i can have 2 separate directory.

    am i right what i am saying?…or am i out to lunch on this one?

    you can install WordPress in any directory if you have mysql database. but i feel what you are looking can be done with single install.

    post your site so i can see and suggest a plan.


    Ok so right now I have 2 sites. (it wasn’t car or boat….i was just using that as an example

    First one is POS Division completed This works great.

    Second one was installed called Security Division . But what I really wanted was the address to be unfortunately it is installed in the pos_division folder. Except for some reason if I go on ftp I can’t even see the securitydivision folder which is should be installed in. I am quite confused on this one. I did not install the security division site.

    If there was a way to move it majically into a seperate folder outside of the pos_division folder. i would be super happy. but…not sure if this can happen.


    also just so you know. the second one (security Division) is not completed matter of fact all the product pages are empty right now. i didn’t want to do invest too much time as i didn’t want to do it for nothing as i wanted to have it in a different directory rather than sitting in the pos_division directory.

    i have gone through all of your website structure and i can say that is not properly planed what you are looking for. please let me know about your skillset so i can guide how to fix that. if you are a developer then i suggest install WordPress in at root then develop multiple theme templates for your requirement to handle all your website from on location.

    If you are not a developer i can suggest to use seperqate install but i am not sure how you are going to handle that.


    Yes you can move your wordpress securitydivision out of pos_division put both in root follow instructions here

    Create a folder securitydivision in root follow instructions difference being you will moving from securitydivision that in pos_division to new directory you created in root

    Hi Pankaj,

    Pankaj> when it comes to wordpress. i know very little. if you can tell me step by step i can follow really well.

    Govpatel> i checked out that site. it does seem simple but i am so scared to do anything becauseit doesn’t take much to get errors.

    if any of you can help me and just let me know what step to do and if i have questions i will ask you or if you have a question i will answer you.if any of you need to get into my ftp to take a look thats fine.

    i installed wordpress and theme in a new root directory. so now i have a one division in pos_division and one in security_division

    unfortunately when i have to add the site address it shows this then blank where ia m supposed to put the address. but it is not in the pos_division directory as i made a new directory. does network admin only work if you have another site installed in the same directory. very confusing for me.

    It seems like what you really want is a multi-site installation.

    Hey Jonas.

    Mulit -site installation is what i need. unfortunately i get this

    “Because your install is in a directory, the sites in your WordPress network must use sub-directories.”

    This is because i installed wordpress in both directories (POS_division folder and Security_Division folder)

    so im guessing that i would have to somehow move the wordpress installation outside of these directories. but i don’t know if it is too late to do this. is it advisable to do this? and if so, what do i need to do?

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