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  • While i’ve the old html site in the root, im working on the WP site, also it in the root. To direct visitors to old site im using a Maintenance plugin (CGC Maintenance Mode) that allows to put the site in maintenance mode and restrict address by IP addresses, so i set my IP in the plugin and im the only seeing the WP site, all other get redirected to the old default.html site homepage. It work, but its a little intricate. Im looking for a different way for the customer, like have the ‘public’ default html homepage with a login area were, using a password give the customer the possibility to see the new in-progress WP site
    i’ve descripted it to much intricated? (sry, im in hurry)

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  • not unless you separate the two.. typically index.html will be shown by default to visitors even though the wordpress index.php might also be there…

    so you should be able to put the index.html and have that show first to all visitors anyway.

    but why not just put the WP site on a sub-folder until it’s built then move it to the top-level? it’s very easy you only change the site URL setting in your General Settings after that

    ??? are you sure ?! ..if i move all root files to a subfolder and “change the site URL setting in my General Settings” everythings still working?? the files paths etc doesnt depend from the location of the wp installation?

    WordPress is designed to work regardless of the domain, subdomain, or folder, it works the same. You just have to tell it the new location of the site after moving it and it will work fine.
    Occassionally if you direct-link to an image in your pages or posts, you will have to update that also but everything else should work perfectly.

    Also you will have to edit the config FROM THE DATABASE, through phpmyadmin, WP_options table. Update the site URL so the location of the site is there. Then you can login to admin and update the other site settings also.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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