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  1. aka9527
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Hi guys,

    I just new to wordpress and using the 2.6.3 now. It is great but 2 things.

    1. Insert a Table to a post.
    When I write a post, I quite like the Table , it can make my post be tidy. However, it looks there is not any table I can insert in a post. Althru I can use html code make a table, but I still want a button in toolbar which can do this job.

    2. Insert some image to a post.
    Most time I want to insert a few images(4-10) to a post. When I look for this function of wordpress, the Media/ Gallery responses this job. Question is : If I got 100s images, how can I pick up 5,6 images to insert my post in one time?

    If the wordpress can not do these jobs, any plugin can do it?
    Thanks for any help.


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