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  • briggszilla


    1) Permalinks:

    I did some tweaking to my blog a few days ago, and since then I have noticed that when I try to directly link to a specific post it will load the page as if I linked to the blog’s homepage. Although the permalink address does show up in the browser’s nav bar, it looks just like my regular blog homepage, displaying all posts instead of just the one I want to link.

    I have no idea what caused this, since I did so many things to my blog that day. I did NOT install any plug-ins or new themes (though I just changed mine tonight to see if it would resolve the problem).

    Also, the same thing happens when I try to navigate to different pages (such as my “about” and “contact” tabs).

    2) RSS:

    My feed suddenly went kaput, before I even started having the permalink problem.

    It doesn’t validate anymore. It used to work just fine.

    The site is if you’d like to check out the problems for yourself.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Jer Clarke


    It seems like the first part of your problem is related to your .htaccess file, which is controlled by your OPTIONS > PERMALINKS panel in wordpress admin. Have you looked at this page and tried resetting it?

    What’s happening is that your blog can’t find what its supposed to do with the pretty url’s so its going to the default 404 page for your theme, which apparently is just your homepage (if the theme contains no 404.php file index.php is used, fooey). So I recommend checkin that page and checking on your server with ftp to make sure that nothing weird is going on with the .htaccess file in the main folder you use for wordpress.

    (for the record, I was able to get the search to work and could load category pages by manually typeing hte variables into the url, i.e. )

    As for your feed, it’s experiencing the same problems because its’ using the pretty url (/feed/) for rss. The hardcoded version, , seems to be working, so when you fix your .htaccess problem the rss should work too.




    Super thank you very much for responding. I will check on this and report back.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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