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  • hey!

    first of all, i LOVE your plugin! but i find some problems that i have.

    First of all on this page: that the middle box is the text who stands “Charakter” “Ausrüstung” and all the stuff is on the right side. Is it possible to make the box smaller that the right box with the items have more space?

    And the second thing is that i find atm is here: in the memberlist is the text in white color (if u marked everything u see the text), how can i change this? I cant change it in the theme, cause there is no single font color in white.

    And a Suggestion i would to do is maybe more infos about mythic+ keys? Mythic+ is an important Feature in WoW now and cause i want to have some Mythic+ Teams in the Guild it would be awesome if u can put some infos about the highest key a char do.

    Maybe the API from can help with that?

    Thx so far and good work with this awesome Plugin! Hope u still work on it!

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Plugin is dead? No reaction through email, no reaction here in the forum….sad =/

    Plugin Author avenirer



    Related to the first two things, you can change everything using your own style.css. For the table, you can change the styling in the plugin’s settings (“faction styling”, “light”, “dark”).

    Related to the suggestion, it would be indeed a nice thing to have, but considering this is still a personal project (allocated time without any sure income from it), and considering I stopped playing the game since… about… a year, this is as much as I can do.

    The plugin is not dead. It is only based on errors reported by users through email. I did receive your email. But being in vacation with family, I didn’t have time to check on what you reported, and send you a reply.

    Thread Starter kakumeitwitch


    so there will be no updates for BfA and no new features? Hmmm so the Plugin will be usesless for a active guild who do Semi-Progress and Hardcore Progress.

    Sad…thought i found something useful for WordPress

    Plugin Author avenirer


    It all depends on how much I will like BfA. 😀

    The game is bought, but I was waiting for it to start in order to restart playing. So, until then, the plugin is a bit in lethargy. I am already working on a new version which I hope it will be faster and easier to work with, but it is not ready yet.

    Until then, you can still use the plugin. 🙂

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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