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  • 1) my wordpress was installed at url WITHOUT ‘www’ by my host. I installed Live Calendar which works great at url WITHOUT ‘www’ but if someone types in my url WITH ‘www’ the calendar struggles to load, shows error on the page. I tried editing the mod_rewrite rules according to info on the Live Calendar site, an edit which causes any url to revert to ‘without www’ thus the calendar works consistently. However, it also renders all links in wordpress to go to 404’s. Not a solution. I looked at the ‘.htaccess’ and am afraid to alter it. Has anyone experienced this problem?
    2) I’ve posted this second plugin problem but got no responses and am now wondering if it could somehow be related to #1 (probably not). I need Related-Posts to function. I’ve tried ‘Nice Related Posts’, ‘Related Posts’ and ‘Related’ Plugins, all of which have installed successfully but show the related posts as “NONE” when the two posts there are the same topic. Anyone have any idea where to look for answers on that one? I’ve tried posting on the plugins’ home pages without success.
    Thanks so much!

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  • HELP! I’m ready to scrap this and re-install WP – this time making sure to put it at ‘www’ to see if that solves the problem with nice related posts and the live calendar.

    Okay, I seem to be the only one replying to my pesky plugins problems so I’ll just keep updating as I struggle, I’ve now found that setting the url to ‘www’ had no effect on the function of Related Posts. (forget about the calendar, I’ll skip that) all I want is to get someone to help me make any of the related posts plugins work. I’ll even PAY. in fact I’ll pay someone just to REPLY any of my posts regarding related-posts. maybe up to a million. who knows.

    You will have to wait until somebody using the same plugin comes around… (and just posting that “I dunno” wouldn’t help you too much 🙂

    You might like to try this one:
    I’ll accept any $$$ up to 1 million <grins>. Anything more and I have a tax problem. he, he

    thanks, snaerff, unfortunately I’ve tried the ‘w-a-s-a-b-i’ one, and all the others. something is really messed up. I tried to fix everything by switching to ‘www’ url under Options and that made my Contact Form plugin not work so I switched back to without ‘www’ and it still doesn’t work, because now I can’t create new pages. I think I need to clear the slate, delete the site, reinstall and start from scratch, I’ve been trying for two weeks to make related-posts work and I’ve only made things worse. sorry for my frustrated tone. WP is really hard (for me) and I shouldn’t have taken it on. sorry for the ‘pay’ remark, I was truly willing, and I PROMISE to stop posting now. :))

    Maybe you can say something about your setup (e.g. host,webserver,php version…) so that maybe somebody might know what is the problem.

    if this helps anyone else, I did solve this problem finally. it was a COOKIE issue. I got there by starting over with a reinstall which I am sure was not necessary but once I deleted cookies and changed in Options to the ‘www’ url, the site was able to authenticate again since the original cookie or session was set for the www-less version. I’m probably not explaining it correctly but maybe just the ‘cookie’ part can help someone else in a similar situation.

    problem unsolved itself. no longer relating again so ignore previous post.

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