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    I’ve set up multiple page categories using your plugin–thank you!

    My issue arises when I need to have 2 pages of the same name in different categories.

    For instance: https://new1uprepairs.staging.wpengine.com/austin/iphone-4-repair/
    and https://new1uprepairs.staging.wpengine.com/san-marcos/iphone-4-repair/

    Once I have one “iphone-4-repair” page, I can’t make another one without it renaming the page. I can turn off the “use categories in URLs”, but then when I rename the page, since there is an iphone-4-repair page already, it names it iphone-4-repair-2. I can’t get rid of that -2 when I turn “use categories in URLs” back on.

    Is there any way I can fix this? I’m not afraid to dig into code or edit MySQL databases if I have to, but this is a big issue for us.

    Thank you,

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    It looks like the best way to do this is actually not to use this plugin, but to set up Custom Post Types and have each location be a custom post type. That way I have Austin as a menu item/custom post type and all of our other locations as well.

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    Thanks to notice.
    Every website haves his own plugins installed, and sometimes there is no need to use this plugin, because another plugin gives already a solution 😉
    Thanks again to share this!

    Regards, Danny



    Hi Danny,

    I also have the same issue, so is there a way to use your plugin to create pages with the same name (slug) in different categories?


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    Hi Chuck,
    Your question is answered in the new topic which you have created.
    Regards, Danny

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