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  • A while back I wrote this entry on how to create a featured post for you blog. Since then I have tried to update it as I have found that some plugins cannot seem to handle more than one loop. Specifically, I have found that plugins that operate within the loop (such as jerome’s keywords and bunnys technorati tags) only function in the first loop.

    Any ideas on what is causing the problem and/ or how to go about fixing it?

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  • Anyone?

    Oh the bumping won’t stop. If someone replies with any help what so ever, I will answer the following question: What is a balanced diet?.

    Enticing isn’t it!

    Give me the links to the conflicting plugins and I’ll take a look at ’em.

    Here is the one for Jeromes Keywords:

    And here is your prize!

    Q: What is a balanced diet?
    A: A cookie in each hand.

    See what you can come up with, I can’t see what the problem may be other than to speculate that the plugin tries to run twice but somehow the variables it uses get compromised. I’m no programmer….

    Did you say it works on the custom loop or the built-in/regular loop?

    It works in the first loop. For me, it works in the custom loop because that is first. But an interesting test, I’ll put my custom one second and see what happens.

    Very very interesting!!!! If I put the 2nd loop (the one I created to feature a single post) behind the first (the primary main loop that everyone uses), the keyword code works… switch it back and no worky. [Kind of defeats the purpose]

    You are making progress! You sir are a scholar, if we finish this problem, I shall proclaim you a gentleman as well!

    What do can you draw from these observations?

    It may result in the same (or a similar) issue, but Kafkaesqui just released a plugin that does exactly what it sounds like your “custom loop” is doing:

    You can try it, and if it works fine, problem solved!

    It does display a post, the issue would be figuring out which post to display (dynamically) and then to make sure that post wasn’t displayed twice. Will ponder on this plugin, thanks for the heads up.

    Still working away on the problem. Anyone on a caffeine bender want to help out?

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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