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  • I have three sidebars I use with bbPress 2.1.3 (no I have not updated bbPress yet). The web site uses the child theme “bbPress (Twenty Eleven)” in conjunction with a default Twenty Eleven theme. This theme causes the Forums and Topics pages to display full-width. The Forums home page is still a standard page with right sidebar area. That page still displays the custom sidebar correctly. The two sub-pages, for any individual Forum or any Topic on the forum, previously displayed the other two custom sidebars BELOW the forum entry (see production site). After updating to 1.1.2, they no longer appear.

    The production site is at and it works fine with version 1.1.1. The MAMP site on my Mac where I tested 1.1.2 no longer works correctly. I tried editing and re-saving affected components, to no avail. I took quite a few screen shots but don’t know how to upload them here; send me an email to reply to and I will send them to you if that helps.

    Also, the customization you gave me on 19 October to hide the Sidebars dashboard from non-admins was not included in 1.1.2; was that intentional or an oversight?

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  • Plugin Author Joachim Jensen


    Do you use the same plugins on the production site as on your development site? Most interestingly; do you use the same versions (excluding this plugin)?

    The 1.1.2 update hasn’t really changed anything notable for the user, and nothing has been done to the rule handling. The bbPress module was developed and tested with v2.0.2 and a lot seems to have changed since then, so I’ll test it out myself with the newest version to see if the compatibility has been broken.

    You can use, or similar to upload your screenshots, or you can send them to jv[at]

    The fix I gave to you was left out (intentionally) in this version, but I promise it will be included in version 1.2.

    Screen shots sent separately by email.

    All plugins but Content Aware Sidebars are at the same version and mix; I even did an export from production, import to the MAMP server, and cleanup of duplicate objects to make sure all content was up to date.

    The only thing that I can think of now is that maybe the changes to your css file conflict with the css file from in the child theme (bbPress (Twenty Eleven)), which is the active theme on both servers. The conflict is only on the two pages that are full width, which forces the custom sidebar to be below the forum content (which is fine with me); the page that has a main sidebar on the right has continued to work properly – it is replaced by the custom sidebar.

    I have not updated bbPress from 2.1.3 to 2.2.x yet since it has had its own series of problems with that update, and I only want to change one plugin at a time.

    Plugin Author Joachim Jensen


    The mentioned CSS file is for the administration and is never loaded on the frontend, so this cannot be the problem.

    I have checked if I accidentally committed some code that I shouldn’t, but this is not the case. The rule handling is still completely the same as in the previous version.

    I have also had a look at the screenshots you sent me, and the settings seems to be identical. The only thing I can point out that might cause the problem is the Forum List sidebar. What are the rules for this sidebar?

    If some rules collide, the order in which the sidebars are loaded can affect the outcome.
    When loading the sidebars on frontend, they are ordered by:

    order, then handle value (replacing sidebars are loaded before merging sidebars), and lastly publish date.

    I posted three paragraphs of reply here shortly after your post, but it obviously lost that content instead of saving it when I hit Post. Nice!

    The rules for the Forum List sidebar are the same as for the others.

    I loaded all of the plugins and content on a DesktopServer installation (new) on my work iMac, and loaded all of the content from production. I still see the same disparity between production and the test site. When I compare the source of the same page on each server, the #secondary .widget-area appears just above the footer on the page that is working, and some sort of entry-content appears on the page that is not working.

    Also noted that the pages that don’t work have the Search box on them (top right). Maybe that has something to do with it.

    Plugin Author Joachim Jensen


    Have you tried downgrading the plugin on the development site?

    It is completely safe to downgrade to version 1.1.1 from 1.1.2.

    If the problem still occurs after this, we know that it is something else causing it.

    Last night I manually replaced the plugin files from production (that was in the missing post) to the MAMP server and that made no difference.

    I had to delete 1.1.2 before 1.1.1 would install (folder already exists error), which also deleted the sidebars. I reimported them, and the problem is still there.

    I got mad and backed production up to file, and went ahead and updated your plugin. The sidebars are still appearing correctly on the forum and topic pages.

    It must be something that I did to the pages that I use for the forums that hides the Search box, that also makes it possible for the widgets with the sidebars to appear. I’ll have to look at home tonight for evidence that I edited something at the file level.

    I determined that the extra Search box below the header, above the forums/topics (only on bbPress pages) was generated by the ‘Search bbPress 2.0’ plugin and called from the ‘bbPress (Twenty Eleven)’ child theme from By editing the theme’s bbPress.php file and toggling between the child and parent themes (caching cleared and off), I was able to toggle it on and off and see that it had no effect on the custom sidebars (on MAMP server or production). I set it all active again on production.

    Then I updated bbPress from 2.1.2 to 2.2.2, and that blew out the custom sidebars; they now refuse to appear on any of the bbPress pages on production. Trying the same theme toggling noted above, changing the pages hosting forum content from one template to another, changing the forum object that was supposed to trigger the sidebar, nothing works any more. I give up. It probably was an accident that it worked before, based on the order that the plugins were installed – yours was the last, originally. I’ll keep it in place to put all of the links on the Forums page, which is a plain text page not a bbPress page.

    Plugin Author Joachim Jensen


    I am sorry about the trouble the plugin is causing.

    The order in which plugins are installed/activated does not really matter, I think. I have tested the plugin with the newest version of bbPress too, and I did not run in to any problems.

    If you can give me the list of plugins you are using, I’ll see if there are any incompatibilities when I get time.

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