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    • is it possible to sort the menu page buttons?
      instead of having “blog” first then all the rest alphabetically?
    • is there a font size option when writing posts? i can’t seem to find it! making text bigger or smaller..
    • thanks!

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  • What do you mean by the first question? The actual website or the admin panel?

    Qu 2- no options to change font size unless you go into the style sheet style.css which will be within your theme’s folder. Once in there you might find something along the lines of body {font-size: 76.5%;} or p {font-size:14px} or p {font-size:1em}

    It all depends on the theme you use. You can change the numbers around.

    the body {font-size: 76.5%;} changes the size of everything on the page, the p changes paragraph tags, h1, h2, h3 change header elements etc.

    For the first question – I’m talking about this – the actual website:

    Take a look at your theme’s header.php file. The Blog link is probably hard coded in there. I’d just remove it.

    That’s not the problem.
    The rest of the pages are sorted alphabetically, but I want to sort them myself. Is this possible?

    maybe the page order field?… towards the bottom of the sidebar in the admin-write-page. never messed with it, but seems like that should be what it’s for.

    also might want to look at

    WordPress Plugin – My Page Order

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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