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    Hi there!

    I’m having issues with a client’s site ( ). The server is located in Melbourne, Australia (currently at UTC+11) and the correct time zone is set in the WordPress General Settings tab.

    Issue 1:
    The events appear at the correct date and time on the site. One of them occurs at 7am on Wednesday mornings. The ICS file publishes this as:

    When this is imported into an IPhone or Google Calender, the intial entry goes in on Wednesday, but it also publishes it for Thursday, and every subsequent entry occurs on Thursday.

    I believe this is because 07:00 on Wednesday in Australia is still Tuesday in UTC, and the BYDAY is evaluated based on UTC (unless there’s a VTIMEZONE entry in the ICS file) – I’ve tested this by hacking the ICS file and changing the WE to TU and it imports properly after that.

    Issue 2:
    The second issue is a minor one, the first entry in the ICS file doesn’t seem to place a carriage return between the EXDATE and SUMMARY fields:
    EXDATE:20130311T070000ZSUMMARY:Group training sessions

    So the description isn’t picked up by Google or Apple Calendar. It only seems to happen on entries with an Exclusion Date. I’ve managed a workaround for my setup by inserting a blank line at line 246 in class-event-organiser-im-export.php – but I’m not sure if that will have any other repercussions?

    Thanks in advance,

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  • Plugin Author Stephen Harris


    Awesome, bug report and fix 🙂 – thanks Greg!

    Issue 1 can be resolved by checking the day of a weekly recurring events and how this changes with timezone. I should imagine a similar problem could occur with monthly recurrences to where you either specify ‘2nd Tuesday of month’ or ’21st of the month’ – in either cases timezone differences could effect the date/day.

    Note that this only effects non-all-day events. An all day event on the 11th (for example) occurs on the 11th regardless of timezone (according to official specifications).

    There may have been guidelines that I overlooked on dealing with the above issue.

    Issue 2,
    This is possible – probably a missing carriage return, but I’d need to check that I’d be adding it in the right place.

    Hopefully these will be fixed in 1.8 (due very soon).

    Thanks for the response – since you’re now aware of it (and my client has dropped the 7am event anyway, I’ll close off the issue)

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