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    I’m trying out your plugin on the latest versions of both WP and WC, and have come across some issues:

    1. Products with variations don’t seem to have details showing? I have already selected the detail I want shown under settings; did I miss something else?

    2. Products without variations are showing an error:

    Warning: implode() [function.implode]: Invalid arguments passed in /home/kibblemo/public_html/w/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-variation-details-on-page-product/wc-attributes-on-page.php on line 87

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  • Plugin Author Marco Pereirinha


    Hi SpeedyWP:

    Thank you for trying to use this plugin.

    I’ve just went to update my development installation of WP and WC. For me, everything have worked like a charm.

    I would like to suggest you, if you haven’t already done that, to view a small video that I’ve created with a walkthrough for default use of it — apologies for my english 😉

    Please visit it at

    Having your description in mind, I’m inclined to point you that this plugin doesn’t yet support custom product attributes. Instead, you should create your attributes inside Products tab and then call these Attributes inside Attribute tab on Product Page definition.

    On the other hand, i’ve also created a product without variations and had no problems with it.

    Please, notify me if you are know on the right track.

    Plugin Author Marco Pereirinha


    Hi again:

    Well, it turns out that while I was testing, I wasn’t looking PHP error log. Thus, I was tempted to say that there wasn’t any problem with that implode. My bad, sorry.

    I found the issue and will release an update shortly. Thanks for pointing it out.

    However this issue shouldn’t affect the overall performance of the plugin. Can you confirm that you have already manage to work with it?

    Nope unfortunately it’s still not working. The extra information isn’t displaying.

    Just to check that it isn’t a theme issue, have tried these:

    1. Switched to another theme (Twenty-Twelve), and it’s not displaying either.
    2. Tried to turn on and off displaying of attribute on product page
    3. When I inspect view the page source there is a product_details div in product_meta, but no data within in.

    Let me know if there’s anything else I can try to identify the problem

    Plugin Author Marco Pereirinha


    This is a step-by-step, that might help you on your setup up.

    I’ve defined my theme as Twenty Eleven. Use it for debug purpose only.

    1. Go to Products > Attributes page and define a new Attribute, size for instance, with several Terms as you like — small, medium, large;
    2. Create a product on WooCommerce;
    3. Define it as a Variable Product on Product Data tab;
    4. On Attributes tab within Product Data tab add the Attribute created on step 1, in this case Size;
    5. On the new form, where asked for values, click on “Select all”. It should map all terms — small, medium, large —, and check Visible on the product page and Used for variations;
    6. Save a draft, in order to Variations become available;
    7. On Variations tab you can Link all variations, or, add one by one your Variation Size, selecting one of default selections and fill the desired fields. Be sure to setup dimensions;
    8. Add information for the remaining selections;
    9. Publish your product;
    10. Find the product page on your shop;
    11. Select one off your sizes and notice that dimension information will be shown bellow your add to cart button;
    12. Select any other size and notice that dimension information will automatically will change.

    That’s it. It should work. Be careful on step 4, as mentioned, at this point, this plugin doesn’t support Custom Variations. Only the previously defined ones, as in step 1. On a near future I might add this feature.

    Have you already updated the plugin? Was the warning on implode gone?

    Keep me updated.

    I don’t see the implode issue on the non-variable items anymore (great!), but I still can’t seem to get the information to display for the variable items.

    All my variables items only have the weight field filled, and my WC settings is set to only display weight (no dimensions), would this affect the plugin?

    I also tried to create a brand new product with your instructions, and it still doesn’t work. My products only have weight defined, and my WC Settings were initially set to only show weight (no dimensions), but even after turning the option on and entering weight+dimensions the information is not showing.

    Btw also used attributes of the “select” type (options are pre-defined).

    Still can’t figure out what’s going on…

    Plugin Author Marco Pereirinha


    I think i’ve figured it out.

    Using this plugin to only support variations on weight wasn’t an use case that i’ve thought.

    I’ve already updated the plugin.

    Please, try it again.

    Just update to the latest version and at first it didn’t seem to work, but I deactivated and re-activated the plugin and it works!! Thanks!

    Just a suggestion: I think it is better to include the variation details together with the price of the variation (before the quantity selector). It makes more sense because the information is together.

    Plugin Author Marco Pereirinha


    Great that this has worked for you.

    Your suggestion is well accepted and is something that I have in mind for a future release. The possibility to choose one of several hooks from WooCommerce where you can place variation data.

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