2 Installations on Same Server ... and they're getting mixed up somehow (1 post)

  1. icemonkey9
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Okay I have my own server and I set up two different WP blogs.

    One is here : http://www.gamingillustrated.com/poker

    The other is here : http://www.icemonkey9.com

    They use different databases and usernames for the databases. I did the installations separately, and the directories they are in are different. They have different IPs associated with them in IIS.

    However what will happen is if you go to http://www.icemonkey9.com what will happen is the content from WP #1 will come up. How to duplicate:

    1. First go to WP #1 link
    2. Clear cache if you've already been to site #2
    3. Go to site #2

    You will see site #1 load up! WTF!?!??! If you hit refresh, then site #2 loads up.

    Why is this happening? How do I fix it?

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