2 images in same header: logo left align, other image right align (3 posts)

  1. mistresspea
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I have seen some themes with headers with logo on left and advertising banners on the right hand side - can i easily resize that banner space to house my own images (different on each page but change banner size) and if so do i need to learn how with a child theme?

    I'm a newbie with just one wordpress site behind me, but have reasonable knowledge of html and css.

    I bought Mojo Modular thinking themes were more easily customisable and that I could move the navbar down and replace it with a longish landscape picture - I realise now better knowledge of php is required.

    I want my theme to be responsive, static, slideshow on first page (which fades not slides - also v. difficult to configure in Modular's integrated Flexslider)

    Wondering whether to continue pulling my hair out, search for a new theme or go back to just html + css - in which case i'm not learning but have a looming deadline.

    Why don't more themes have two images in header - is it because they are less responsive? or am i missing something and using the wrong keywords in my searches.

    I also like Newsroll but does 'featured headline' mean that its fading slideshow probably wouldn't work if I didn't use posts but had static pages?

    many thanks in anticipation

    many thanks

  2. noahjonah
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Do you want advertising in your header, or just static images?

  3. mistresspea
    Posted 3 years ago #

    thanks for response - just static images in header

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