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  • 1. Considering the previous problem with the description on iOS and considering the fact that the current default “WordPressBlog” is not optimal especially if you have multiple accounts/ blogs, why not set it to a combination of site_url and the username?

    2. Based on feedback I got when blogging about this great module, people assume that this is somehow tied to their Google credentials. You might want to emphasize that this is not the case in the description (and even consider not having “Google” in your plugin’s name at all)?

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  • As an observation, omitting the site URL in the description increases security somewhat if the phone is lost.

    To login to a WordPress site that has this plugin enabled, an attacker needs to know three things:

    1. What site it is;
    2. The password;
    3. The two-factor code.

    If the site URL is included in the description, someone finding a lost phone knows two of these things; if it’s not, they only know one.

    (That said, this observation is mostly just pedantic. In practice, the chance that a random person finding a lost phone would want to hack your WordPress site is pretty small. And hopefully people using this plugin have also chosen a strong password and protect their phone apps with a password, too.)

    thanks for this great plugin. I found an Windows Phone 7.5 and 8 app for it: AuthenticatorG
    Only one important is the Description ( Description that you’ll see in the Google Authenticator app on your phone.) format: username@blogadress (

    Plugin Author Henrik Schack


    Thanks for the info.

    Best regards
    Henrik Schack

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