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  • Hi I have Just started a wordpress site and have the problem of 2 home pages and although there are very good Instructions on how to delete the anchor text I have not Identfied the correct text to delete. could anyone help in identifying the correct text. the URL is

    and the code from the header.php is

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  • I have the link for the header. php posted below

    I should say that I cannot see where the second home page is being added, but it should be in your list_all_pages functions. But I would give you some advices:

    1. Keep you function declarations in the functions.php file. That’s why it is there, and it will keep your code clean.
    2. If you are using 3.0, custom menus are better idea to build your menus. Here’s a nice howto:
    3. If you are < 3.0, there is a function for that:

    Hope that helps.


    many thanks for the information, in my case it did not quiet work for me( custom navigation) I made a mistake with one of the scripts and had to uninstall and start again.
    What I did learn that may be of use to others trying to start their wordpress sites is that the “Original Home page” is the page where you enter your blog posts. Depending on your theme if you have deleted your test post then you may get the error 404 message or you will be told that the page does not exist.
    Also important to realise is that this page never appears on the pages list in the Dashboard. The Home page that does appear in the dashboard is a page that probably most of us will want as a “STATIC” page and there are plenty of posts on how to do that. Hope that helps others starting out.
    Now I’ll try and figure out how to use the Custom navigation as the exclude pages plugin will not work on Studiopress theme.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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