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  • Just put the short code on the page twice.

    Thanks for the reply.

    Using the short code on the page twice makes 2 separate calendars. It would be nice to combine the calendars into one.

    The Google embed code can only handle about 30 calendars. I was hoping to use your plug-in to combine the about 50… Put about 30 in one & the rest in the other, and use your plugin to combine the two… Hence why I tried to add more than one ‘id’ in the short code.

    Any Suggestions?


    Ask Google. This plugin only enhances the CSS of the embedded calendar they provide. Try combining some of your of your calenders? Why do you need more than 30? Categorize shit man. Sounds like a nightmare anyway.

    Well, doing a website for a company that has 50 members. Each member has a calendar so only that member can edit or delete his or her post… Now need a way to display all members in 1 calendar on their website.

    And Yes, setting that up was very tedious was pretty tedious.

    If ya’ run across something that could possibly help, please don’t hesitate to post it here.

    Thanks for trying,

    Why don’t you just have one calendar shared among all of them? Or, calendars based on teams or based on projects or some other type of category? It sounds like you are doing it wrong.

    I must say, doing something like this is a first.
    All the members sharing one calendar doesn’t prevent them from editing each others posts.

    I needed to find a way that each member can add, edit, or delete their own post & no one else’s.

    If there is a better way to do that, I am welcomed to hear it.

    Thanks again,

    Reading back at my comments I sound like such a dick. I’m not really, sorry about that. Posting from my phone makes me more curt….

    I suggest possibly looking at a different product than Google Calendar all together. We use a plugin called Events Calendar Pro that is VERY powerful. There is also a free version that could work for you:

    Hope that helps, good luck.

    No problem. WP Events Calendar works great.


    If you are still looking for a Google solution, there is one possibility, although it is pretty cumbersome too. I have been trying to do something similar.

    You would need to share the calendars within Google. For example:
    Main Calendar – stands along
    Employee Cal 1 – shared with main
    Employee Cal 2 – shared with main
    (and so forth for all employee calendars)
    As far as I can tell, you will have to get the owners of all of these calendars to share them for you. I don’t know of an admin tool to do it.

    Then, log into the main calendar (through Google). Go into Calendar Settings > Calendars > click the main calendar and about halfway down you have the embed calendar section. Click Customize the size & other options. Then (at lower right) select all of the calendars to display (all employee calendars). Also make any other display selections you want such as colors. These selections change the values of the html at the top. When finished, copy what’s in the html box at the top of the page and use that as the Stout calendar feed.

    It isn’t pretty, but it does work as long as the calendars are all public.

    With all that said, I think I am backing away from this solution and looking at WP events calendar. Do you know if users will be able to sync it with their personal mobile calendars like they would with a Google cal?


    The problem is with your solution, it only works up to a certain number of calendars. Once the code gets to but, Google doesn’t process it.

    WP Events Calendar works just fine but you may have to get an add-on or upgrade to the paid version to sync with phones.

    (once the code get too big, Google doesn’t process it.)

    Indeed the pro version allows for users to import to Google/iCal.

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