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  • Hi all!

    See, my problem is: I do have a podcast, and it has a nice feed for the AAC episodes. But people are requesting feeds for mp3’s!! How can I create a second feed that directs for the mp3 version of the podcast? Each post has 2 files, but my RSS shows only the AAC version…

    My podcast is at



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  • If you have separate categories for aac and mp3, you can post the appropriate one to each category (separate posts). And then, if you have permalinks, your subscriber would be able to subscribe to the feed of his choice. If you have permalinks on, it’s as simple as adding /feed to the uri for your aac category or your mp3 category.

    Did that make sense?

    Thanks for answering!

    IT wouldn’t make much sense for me, as I already have some posts with 2 files on each one. And I’ve seen some people with 2 files per post and neverthless they created 2 rss feeds…

    could you provide an example of where you’ve seen that. i haven’t thought of a way to have the feed subscriber download only the one they want when they are both in the same feed.

    nope, my fault – i had this impression, but the person had, in fact, two posts… she uses feedburner, and somehow she managed that.

    I asked a different but similar question on here a few days ago (I want my news RSS to be limited to 10 post summaries, but would like my Podcast RSS to be unlimited {-1} number posts included), and the answer suggested to me (I haven’t tried it yet), check this thread

    it’s basically another external program that can be used to easily create RSS feeds. Yeah, I’d rather do it IN wordpress too, but just wanted to pass on this possible solution.

    I think you have to have separate RSS feeds. I’ve not seen an example of a podcast with a single feed offering different files.

    Couple of examples:

    Geek News Central –
    (MP3 and BitTorrent versions)

    UK Daily Telegraph –
    (MP3 and iTunes versions)

    In all cases, separate RSS feeds.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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