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  1. lynnsideedition
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I have one hosting account at GoDaddy. The domain name associated with that account is lynnsideedition.com.

    I have two domains for which I am maintaining WordPress websites on this one hosting account: lynnsideedition.com and karinscanines.com. Lynnsideedition is the primary domain.

    So the root directory contains the WordPress installation and files for lynnsideedition.com. The files and wordpress install for karinscanines.com are in a subdirectory called KarinsCanines.

    This set up has the undesired effect of making the url for karinscanines.com 'http://lynnsideedition.com/karinscanines/'. Although one can search for karinscanine.com and arrive at the correct website, one you navigate to a differnet page the url in the user's web browser is 'http://lynnsideedition.com/karinscanines/contact-2/'.

    I want the url to be http://karinscanines.com/contact-2.

    A tech support person at GoDaddy said I could solve my problem by changing the Permalinks of Karin's Canines, but I am not able to edit the part that I do not want to show.

    My question is:

    How do I setup my two domains on my one GoDaddy hosting account so that the url to Karin's Canines is always http://karinscanines.com and the url to LynnsideEdition is http://lynnsideedition.com? Is this even possible?

  2. Andy Sozot
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Move each Website to its own subdirectory and adjust your Apache configuration using two virtualhost directives, one for each site, pointing the documentroot at the appropriate subdirectory.

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