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  • dragonsjaw


    I hope to take this site live soon.
    I realize i have to change all the ip#~username urls to the real name.
    Still unclear about absolute urls and pointing the .com domain name to site??

    Currently dev site using ip#~username/
    This will be changed to when going live.
    This site uses WP as CMS. All the links on the site currently are absolute.

    I would like to change the nameservers for http://www.realsite.COM to also point to and access same content)
    If the links on the .org site are absolute, it doesn’t seem like anything would work for the .com site??

    I am sorry for not asking the question better.
    It’s my lack of understanding as to how WP handles linkage,
    as usually I build sites with mostly relative links and when pointing another domain to it all works.


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  • dragonsjaw



    (in adress bar)

    in source code:
    <li class=”page_item page-item-50 current_page_item”>Get Involved

    so if :44.4…4…4/~username =

    How will http://www.realsite.COM read these links?

    Please educate me.




    Perhaps this is just a domain parking pointing issue?
    That having the primary domain be a WP site doesn’t really have any bearing on this? That anything pointed at it will read it correctly?
    Am I on the right track? or falling off into the void?





    As for the links in your theme, if you are using WordPress functions for them, then they will still work after the move.

    You can forward one domain to another, but you can’t have the same WordPress install running on two different domains.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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