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  • hi folks. i uploaded my wordpress to my host. I configured the wp-config file with my database info. so far it is not working & i can’t access anything. i see there is also a wp-config file in my themes folder. it doesn’t upload with everything else. should there be 2 config files? i don’t remember but possibly i put this one in when I was locally developing a theme. possibly was a requirement.

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  • anyone any idea on this?

    assuming you followed the Moving_WordPress tutorial

    the 2nd config file could be your backup though

    hey there. just wondering why I need to follow the steps for moving the file when I only uploaded it once & directly to the server. do I still need to to go into administration and change the url to the root where it is stored?

    Hi elizabeth22,

    If you installed WordPress and are not moving the site from a local development server, then no you do not need to follow the tutorial maoski sent you. When you say the installation is not working, what do you mean? Are you getting a specific error? Has it ever worked? When it doesn’t work, what are you seeing on the screen? Can you provide us a URL to your site?

    hey tim. i downloaded a bitnami wordpress stack and i have been trying to develop locally. now I’m stuck hence wanting to install on the server so people can help me with the design/plug-ins etc. i moved the wordpress files to my desktop and then uploaded that but i think i need to upload the whole bitnami stack not just the wordpress folder. do u have any experience with bitnami? i’ve just deleted the wordpress files i had on the server & now need to find out what I need to upload from the wordpress stack. this might be causing the problem. intially with the upload i made i could call up the readme page but nothing else. just was saying ‘page is temporarily not available’. i’ll find out what I need to upload with the Bitnami and then I’ll post the url. thanks a lot for the feedback.

    No, I’ve never used Bitnami – but here’s the migration article about moving WordPress from your local stack to a live server. Typically, you can follow the same directions to move it to a hosting company.

    I hope this helps!

    thanks Tim. i’ll give this a shot.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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