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    2 Problems:

    1) 2-column template(s) have spontaneously changed to a single column (stacked the columns). View effect on

    The problem persists even if I apply te WordPress Default 1.5 template. It’s not template-specific.

    2) The Orcadia template appears to have spontaneously re-fromatted my previous blog entries to be ‘centred paragraph’ from left-hand-paragraph. This re-alignment of paragraph’s only occurs in the Orcadia template, not the Default template.

    Did I do it?
    The last things I remember doing before noticing this clolumns not working andreformatting was
    – Add a photograph to the bottom of the most recent blog entry.
    – Adjust the photograph size by dragging the corner of it then
    – deleting some empty space under the photograph.

    I dont want to delete the blog entry to get my formatting/template layout right.

    I do want to avoid doing whatever I did to make this happen, or even better have template-templates updated to make sure people dont have to avoid doing this!

    Help 🙂

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  • Removing the photographs from the last entry solves the layout problems:
    – returns 2 columns
    – central-paragraph in previous posts removed.

    Is there anyway we can prevent blog-entry content
    1) impacting template layout
    2) previous bloge entry formats

    I still dont know ‘What’ I did.

    I’ve replaced the photograph without using any of the ‘paragraph’ placement tool-bar items to try and place them. This works…

    You could define a style in your CSS that would force all images to a certain size. If all your images are the same proportions, that would work okay, but if they are different it would mess things up.

    width: 210px;
    height: 140px;

    If you know how to write scripts you might be able to write one that would resize images proportionally. You might even find a plugin that would do that for you.

    Otherwise, I would just be aware of the maximum width an image can have before it breaks your layout.

    One other option that I don’t know much about is to use the overflow CSS property. Does anyone know if setting overflow: hidden will prevent a too-wide image from breaking the layout?

    Thanks Marcy. I’m a novice with no asirations to become a coder to support my blogging addiction. 😉

    Currently I’m solving the problem by saving my pictures in Paint to a small size that ‘might’ work in the template. This is the easiest work-around. But it is a work around. It works for a novice like me. Hopefully paid-for versions of WordPress have better controls for photo-upload, placement and proportional re-sizing.

    Word-press and these support forums are wonderful. Thankyou all so much 🙂

    You could use the same method to determine the maximum workable width — save a bunch of sizes of the same photo, with the width differing by a pixel, and keep trying the next largest one until your layout breaks. Then write down the previous width and remember that’s your maximum, and no more guesswork.

    (If you didn’t know already, Paint’s “attributes” section will tell you the width and height.)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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