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  • hi cameron, since you add a responsive design to your plugin i’m very happy with the smart functionality. but unfortunately it is now in my country not longer allowed to implement a Facebook Page Plugin without a 2-Click Solution. What does this mean 2-Click Solution?

    2-Click Solution means the webpage owner have to make sure that Facebook scripts only load/active if the visitor have accept this with a additional step (click) in the Facebook Page Plugin.

    you can see what i mean here:

    scroll down and click on the Button “Social Media aktivieren”.

    my question is now if you could you implement such Functionality into your Plugin? that would be fantastic because at the moment i can’t longer us it on my site.


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  • Plugin Author Cameron Jones


    Hi testcouch,

    I’d love to look at implementing something like this. However it is quite a unique situation that would not apply to most of the users of the plugin, so if I were to build this functionality it would most likely be an extension.

    Additionally, could you please provide me with the actual law that covers this? I would need to know exactly what the restraints are to build this. For example, when you have to click to activate, does that need to be on every page or can that click be stored, and if so what methods of storage are acceptable (sessions, cookies, ip addresses)? It may be more complicated than initial impressions may suggest.


    Thread Starter testcouch


    hi Cameron, thanks for your reply. here is the link to judgment. (german)

    the restraints are the following:

    it’s only allowed to send data (IP-Adress, Browser ect.) to facebook if the user has agreed with a click on a additional activate Button.

    important is the fb script does only load after the additional activation!

    i think that has to be done on every page where the fb page plugin is shown. if (for the technical part) a session cookie storage method are acceptable is not explained in the judgment.

    but i think the user has to enable this each time if he want to use the social plugin.

    thanks for your help with this data protection issue 🙂

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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