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  • hi try to be short,

    i have a site with different categories, every night the last post is placed on the first place ( with plugin reposter-reloaded ) so far everything ok.

    new the question: i wanna split this category in two, so i guess i make a second category (in example category 1 and category 2 ) but i wanna see this two categories on 1 page. First all the posts from category 1 and after that all the posts of category 2 (Not mixed up together, first everything of category 1 and after that category 2)

    Then i hope ( i guess it is not a problem again with te plugin reposter-reloaded) making the roll that in both categories the last post will placed at first place in both sections.

    can somebody help me with this? i think making a template in my theme with for each two categories a seperate page but do not have the knowledge for the code..

    thanks Patrick

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