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    Hi. Thank you for your plugin. It works generally well and we are thinking about purchasing the Pro version but there are 2 bugs that prevent us from doing so.

    1. Variant price displayed without tax

    This happens when:
    – a variable product is added to the composite
    – prices in WC are input without tax
    – prices in WC are display with tax
    – A new price for this variant is set in the settings of the composite product

    In such case the crossed-out price is shown without tax, but should be displayed with tax – according to the WC settings.

    2. No “crossed-out” price for single products

    When a variable product is a part of a composite and a new price is set up for it, than the old one gets crossed out. However when a single product is a part of a composite and a new price is set up for it, than the old one doesn’t even show.

    Can you please fix these 2 errors?

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    Hi @chrisplaneta ,
    Thanks for your interest in our plugin. Here’s my explanations for your questions:

    1. Kindly check the Tax settings in your WooCommerce section of the admin dashboard if the tax is set properly for your products or not. If the problem still exists, then we might need to check on your site to see if any components of the theme are missing or another WooCommerce plugin is conflicting with our plugin.

    2. Normally, when you add a product to a composite and set a new price for it, then it will only display the new price. This is how our plugin works. It only shows a sale badge or crossed-out price for the main product’s price. How the price shows is also affected by the theme you’re using on your site as well.

    For both of these issues, I have checked on our test demo with basic WooCommerce and Storefront theme, these functionalities are still working fine. So it’s highly possible that there is a conflict with an external plugin or theme.

    In this case, our developer can help you customize the codes and make necessary adjustments for our plugin to work well with others. However, when a problem or issue wasn’t caused by our plugin, then it require a customization service, which is only available for free to Premium users of our plugin. We only provide free customization service for free users when the issue was inherent of our plugin.

    Therefore, for your case, you need to purchase the Premium before you could enjoy this service for free. Or else you might need to pay the customization fee.
    Kindly understand that we must abide by our Policy.
    If you decide to purchase our plugin and get this done, kindly contact our developers via this page, provide the purchase transaction ID and email used, describe your problem again and give them a link to your site or published erroneous composite to have them fix it for you.

    This customization can’t be done here in this public forum as you might need to give us the admin access to your site to adjust the codes. Please contact our developers via the above link to secure your data and discuss directly with our devs.

    Since your issue wasn’t an inherent issue of our plugin and you need to contact us via Ticksy ticket, I’ll mark this thread as Resolved. Kindly follow your ticket on Ticksy by logging on to your registered account.

    Best regards.

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    Hi. Thank you for quick reply.

    1. The tax was properly set up but we decided to change prices to include tax so unfortunately, we won’t be able to provide you with a testing environment.

    2. My client purchased PRO version of your plugin a few hours ago. For now, we will try to find the issue on our own. I will contact you if we can’t do that ourselves.

    3. A new issue popped up. We noticed that the plugin doesn’t show “available for backorders” label for single products that are not in stock. The product must be single, required and default needs to be set to this product. In such case the dropdown will disappear but along with it the “available for backorder” notice.

    4. We’ve also noticed that when a single product is not in stock and unavailable for backorder, no product shows in the composite and no label “out of stock”. This results in situations when there are e.g. 2 products in composite but it looks like he is selling just one product.

    5. Another thing is with new prices set in the plugin. We have situations when 2 out of 3 products in a composite are required and these products get price reduction – not the optional one. Is it possible?

    Plugin Author WPClever


    Hi @chrisplaneta ,
    Thanks for your reply. Here’s my answer to your question 1, 3, 4 and 5.

    1. About the tax, our developers might need to observe the behavior and the codes on your site. This can’t be done without the access to admin area.

    3. Indeed, our plugin doesn’t have a label for back order products. Our plugin just shows that it’s available with no label. I’ll will report to our developers about this case so that they can make proper changes in the coming updates.

    4. Normally, when a product is out of stock and backorder disabled, then our plugin will display a notification. I’ll report to our devs about this to have them check on this.

    5. This can’t be done. You can either set a new price with a percentage for all components alongside or set a new price for each in your composite. The configurations of prices are quite complex and we have agreed to keep it this way so that users won’t get confused. If you need to set complex price discounts for components, you might need to try other pricing plugins.

    I hope these explanations are enough. Thank you for reporting these issues. We highly appreciate your support of our plugin.
    Wish you a nice weekend.
    Best regards.

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