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  • We have used FlaGallery Flash Gallery since 2010 and have one old bug which we worked around, now with mobile is bad new bug:-
    We have top site and used lots of flag galleries, see eg the page When viewed on iPod, instead of the sliding galleries, you see all the photos, which is OK. Flash doesn’t work on iPod, OK

    The bugs are:-
    1. We have a multisite installation with subites /it and /de. The only way we found to make FlaGallery work is to cut and paste the actual HTML from the top site into the pages of the subsites, very tedious and you have to redo it each time you add a photo but at least it worked, on the PC
    2. New bad bug: this workaround doesn’t work, you see some code text but no photos on the iPod, see

    Would adding a mobile plug-in help, at least to try and see the photos? Flash we can do without, the photos no and seeing some lousy string of code is a real turnoff.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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