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    Hi Guys!

    Looks like a pretty intuitive plugin. Welcome to the WordPress Repository. 🙂

    I installed, and tested on my site, and I have one suggestion, and two bugs to report:

    1.) Bug – Images within the wp-admin dashboard do not load. Example: — My sites wp-admin panel is entirely SSL (as is the front-end, too for that matter). It appears your server does not load images over SSL. Let’s get that enabled! 🙂

    2.) Bug – Order is marked as “Completed”, but I can not view the “video” on your dashboard. It just tells me recording in progress. Is this a bug, or does this take a while to complete on its own?

    3.) Feature Suggestion: Your website shows all the great meta data it collects, such as all of the IP and GeoLocation information. But when I’m looking at an order, it doesn’t show me any of that. I have to go to the Vanatge Point area of my website, and then go to your website, and from there I dont really see any of that either. Perhaps it’s in the video that is still recording? Either way, it’s not readily accessible.

    What would REALLY be KILLER if you guys did, would be to create an order meta box within the Edit Order page of WooCommerce. When I load the order, let’s show all the useful information such as IP, Location, etc… within a box there. A plugin called FraudLabs on does that now, and I find that indispensable. I also pay out the nose to them for this service. I’d rather pay you, you offer more, if you’ll show me the information I need to see.

    Without the useful fraud meta data on the Edit Order Page, all this does is show me a video (that I can’t access yet) AFTER there is a problem. Showing me this information BEFORE it becomes a problem, as a preventative measure, would be much more useful to all of us! 🙂 Show me the IP! Show me the GeoLocation! Show me if it’s a Proxy! Highlight it in red if it’s not the same state as the customers billing address! 🙂

    That’s all from me! 🙂 Thanks for the plugin, it’s a great start, and I hope you can incorporate those few fixes and my feature suggestion to make it useful to activate it again. You’ve got a customer if we can make the data easier to read on the Edit Order page!



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    Thank you for your great feedback. We have sent you a detailed email back but just on the forum here I will summarise

    1. The images that do not load on https have been fixed in the next release due out on the 7th April 2015

    2. This is not a bug recording in process can take about 20 minutes as we create the videos on our severs after an order is placed. Once the recording will be visable in about 20 mins after the order has been placed.

    3. The meta data is viewable on the video player page. I see your comments about placing it on the dashboard and making it more accessible. We will work on this enhancement.

    4. The idea of Having the meta data and other information presenting in the woo commerce view order page is a great idea we will work on this enhancement.

    Your feedback is greatly appreciated and we will work to incorporate your ideas into the free product in the coming weeks.

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