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    Apparently I did something VERY wrong. I tried changing the site address URL in my dashboard to the new domain. Now, it doesn’t open correctly at either address…

    Even worse… it won’t allow me to login to the dashboard anymore because it thinks the blog has been moved to another address that isn’t opening…

    What do I do!?!

    does your new domain point to the proper folder on your server?

    Probably not… how would I go about that?

    I’m pretty knowledgeable about CSS and HTML coding for website design… but am fairly raw when it comes to issues like these…

    I have no idea! lol…. you have to route the domain to the host/folder…. that’s all I know…..

    Are your host/domain through the same company? If so they should have some sort of interface. If not, hopefully there are help files with the host or domain registrar that can help you

    It’s not a WordPress thing though, you somehow (DNS entries?) have to tell the domain what it is to point at

    Sorry I can’t help more on that

    Once you get it figured out, it normally takes liek 24 hours to work….

    I know on godaddy (I have my host and domains through them) I can go into a DNS manager and point domains/subdomains to folders

    I called my host and they are WONDERFUL.
    Answered my call within two rings and gave me all the answers I needed withing a couple minutes. ( for those who are curious).

    Apparently my domain had been registered but hadn’t been connected to the account properly. He fixed that issue and let me know it should be fully directed within the hour.

    In the meantime I need to add an htaccess file to my root folder redirecting it to the subfolder. I probably would have figured this out within the next hour or so on my own… but so glad I didn’t have to.

    Ill let you all know if it works out!

    Ok… so those changes fixed my redirection problem, but did not solve the issue with changing those settings in my WordPress dashboard.

    The new domain now opens the blog that was built in the subfolder.
    However, the blog has lost all of its formatting and will still not allow me to log in to the dashboard as I did before.

    Any suggestions? All I did was change the site address URL under the general settings tab on dashboard. Anyone know how I can change that back without being able to log in to the dashboard?

    For dummies like me… here’s the solution. They should put warning labels on thosedashboard URL form fields!

    P.S… I used the relocate method and it worked great!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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