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  1. newhope4u
    Posted 10 years ago #


    Thanks for any help. I have two instances of WP (ver. 2.01) connected to each other with one domain: http://christian-dating-service-plus.com/

    They each have separate databases and logins. On the first one I have a static front page and blog as usual; the second one is a normal blog, which I hope to use as a newsletter of sorts. Is this the way to go ? Also:

    I have several problems and questions:

    1) It seems that some pinging services (technorati) and other places like Google Blog Search pick up only example.com, not example.com/blog..Why?
    2) Is it a bad idea to have duplicate content viz-a-viz the pinging services...ie: will it appear as spamming?
    3) Could you guys critique the set-up, and make suggestions?

    Tanks a bunch...

  2. moshu
    Posted 10 years ago #

    Is this the way to go ?
    Only you can tell...

    1. You gave the answer in #2.
    2. More or less - Yes.
    3. The second is an offensively long entry page... I refuse to wait and look at a webpage that is so un-respectful toward the visitors.

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