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  • I know this has been asked. Maybe not a situation just like this one but I’ve read until I am blue in the face.

    I really need some help.

    I have 2 blogs.
    1 for all of my text post that I add manually.
    2 is a moblog I post to from my cell phone.

    They are on the same server and the moblog is in a directory below the text blog.

    I want to be able to put the last post of my moblog on the sidebar of my text blog.

    I have read about rss parsers and recent post hacks etc..
    I am a little confused…

    Can someone explain to me what is the best option for doing this.

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  • No one knows how to do this?

    Download the file from here.
    Unzip the contents and read the file called: READ ME FIRST.txt
    Then read the file feedreadReadme.txt and it should be clearer

    Ok, I have it installed and it is working.

    It is pulling my post from my moblog to the sidebar.. but it is only pulling the text not the image..

    any ideaS?

    It also doesnt seem to be updating when i make code changes.
    I set the feeds to 1 instead of 4 and its still showing 4.

    It refreshes every 6 hours. If you change the cache name varible in your getSomeFeed function (its the 4th varible) it will update.

    About the whole image thing, i have no clue

    Atomix –

    first, if you TEMPORARILY define:
    $XML_CACHE_TIME = 5;
    at the top of your index code, it’ll force-refresh every 5 seconds. ONLY DO THIS FOR TESTING. The system caches RSS feeds so as to not ‘pound’ a server every time the page loads. That’s why if you change options, you don’t see the updating. (Remeber to REMOVE that line when you are done experimenting!!!)

    second, if you mean you want images from your feed to show up, you need to set the 8th parameter to be false instead of true (the default). false tells it to ALLOW full HTML in the feed output, which allows images to show up.

    post if you have more questions — I didn’t know that CG-Feedread was being discussed, or I would have jumped in sooner. 😉


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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