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  1. xaifi
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I tried to search alot on WP to find a solution to my problem but i couldnt.. so here is my question.

    i have 2 separate WP forums under one domain, and one hosting, using 2 different mysql databases.. what i would like to do is.. to merge these two.. so that both use the same database.. and pull their info from one database.. the reason i want to do this is because.. i have 2 themes running on each one.. and i donno if i can have 2 themes, working in one forum..

    like for my homepage.. im using one theme.. and for my video page.. i have another theme.. but i want both of them to use the same users tables.. so what when a user registers in one.. they can comment on the other one too.. and they dont have to register twice..

    can someone please help?

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