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  • Hello, I’m using Ygo Horizon theme, and adapting it.
    It has 3 columns, with a background image. It also has “sides” (with a longer screen) that are just a color, not part of the image. I would like to make the “side” parts a different image. Can I have 2 images as a background, one on top of the other? Here is the original css:

    body {font: 12px/20px verdana, ‘Trebuchet MS’, Arial, sans-serif;text-align: center;background:#cccc99 url(images/body-bg2.jpg) repeat-y center;margin:0px;padding:0px;}

    Also 2 days ago I asked how to stop images from hanging outside the post area. A member was very helpful and said this was how to do it: I would put the clear in the index.php before your meta data. In fact, I would probably put

    .clear {clear:both;}

    in my stylesheet and then in the single.php files and the index.php files, I would put

    <div class=”clear”></div>

    before the

    <small class=”metadata”>
    <span class=”category”>Filed under: __ </span> |
    __ Comment</small>

    That worked perfectly for that other theme, but does not work for this theme. I cannot find any metadata code in any file for this theme. Is there another trick to stop images from hanging below the post cutoff lines?

    Thanks very much.
    If you need it:

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  • 2. It is called differently but it is there:
    <p class="details">

    Thank you, Moshu, found it!

    Does anyone know if or how I can have one background image on top of another? (the second one is centered, and would not cover the bottom one.) Or maybe this is not possible.

    Yes. But you need to add another div to the markup which is nested inside the first. Put one image in each.

    Root, thanks much.
    I’ve been exploring this, and I want to do it. The only code I found for this was:
    DIV.inside { background:url(images/whitepaper.jpg);}
    which did not work when I put it after div#page.
    Please keep in mind that I am teaching myself CSS and codex as I go. Meaning, I’m slow but persistent.
    Can you please tell me what to put into the code CSS for the second background image? (which would be where all the copy is. )
    Here I am.

    Well, I never figured out how to do what you said, Root. But I did find a theme that had one background image in html, and one in body and that worked.

    Maybe this will help someone else.

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