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    Form some strange reason, I have 2 admin menu links:

    SA Sliders

    I don’t know what that “Slider” menu item is for but it has the same icon. Is that a glitch or something?


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  • Plugin Author simonpedge


    Nope, its probably another Slider plugin that’s been installed which uses the same ‘Dashicon’.

    Have a look in your plugins for other Slider plugins, and then deactivate them (only if you are not using them).

    I thought the same thing too, but I only have 1 other slideshow plugin, Meta Slider, and their icon is blue and it’s named “Meta Slider” so it can’t be that one. No other slideshow plugins installed. I knew exactly what plugins I was going to use for the site before I started coding, so planned on using this one and Meta Slider (ie: no other plugins were ever installed for this purpose).

    Reason I have 2 installed: I like the Meta Slider for images alone because it’s easier to use, very basic and doesn’t confuse the client. Also, SA seems a bit harder to control, I’ve had some issues customizing it so I try to limit it’s use. But, I do like it a lot. We’re using it for sliding testimonials.

    I will check the database, maybe there’s something there that can show me what’s going on. I have SA installed on a few sites lately, but haven’t seen a double menu anywhere else.

    Plugin Author simonpedge


    Could also be a slider product integrated into your current theme.

    To test this out, activate the ‘WordPress 2016’ theme and see if it disappears – you can reactivate your current theme after this test.

    Have you used Meta Slider and Slide Anything together on one of your other sites before?

    That’s not it either. I custom code my themes and I don’t build in any custom sliders or anything at all like that, very lean coding without anything added to the admin.

    Plugin Author simonpedge


    Ok – there may be some sort of conflict with Meta Slider and Slide Anything. Have you installed both plugins on a site before?
    (Maybe both are registering the same Custom Post Type names or something along those lines)


    I figured it out, was totally unexpected! Other designer I work with likes to use wp canvas shortcodes. Apparently they have a slider option too! Disabled it and the menu disappeared.

    So sorry for wasting your time!

    Plugin Author simonpedge


    Not a problem. Glad you got it sorted out 😉

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